Sudoku Battle

Sudoku Battle

Sudoku Battle is a Sudoku competitive game for up to 4 players
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Sudoku Battle is a Sudoku competitive game for up to 4 players. It is well designed and can be played as a guest if you don't want to register an account. The main objective of the game is to score the most points in a Sudoku game. If you fill in with the right number, you will be awarded with 100 points and if you are wrong you will get -300, thus, making it very competitive. The game can be played only with the mouse.

Once you login, or select to play as a guest you will be sent in a lobby where you can play against other people or against up to 3 computers. You cannot play with other people if you signed in as a guest. A great thing about the game is that you can login with your Facebook account and bring your friends to play also.

After you join a table to play, you can see the opponents in the left side of the screen, the table in the middle and the numbers on the right side. On the bottom right side of the game screen you have a button with instructions and another one with some options. The instructions are probably the simplest explanation of Sudoku that exist. I think the game requires a small tutorial for newcomers. In the options menu you can only change the volume and toggle full screen or windowed mode.

If you are playing against other people you have to be extra careful for every mistake they might make because they will reveal a number's position. The computer, however, does not make any mistakes. It solves the puzzle very slowly and you cannot change the difficulty either.

If you want to play a competitive Sudoku battle you have to register an account and play against other people. If you just want to solve a Sudoku puzzle you can do that also, but there is no puzzle difficulty setting and this might be hard for newcomers.

Dennis Niels
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  • Well designed


  • Lack of a tutorial for new Sudoku players
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